Why not become a Local Leader

Become a Local Leader

Would you like to share your passion with others and promote your region whilst getting paid for it?

Are you a professional guide, craftsman, artisan, artist, sports instructor or enthusiast? Do you like sharing with others, passing on know-how or knowledge?

  • Do you have some spare time, and would you like to spend it with travellers?
  • Would you like to promote yourself or your products and services?
  • Would you like to promote your region?
  • Would you like to earn more money?

So, why not become a Local Leader and share unique experiences with travellers seeking authentic activities?


Use Think O Local to promote your activity to travellers from around the world. Publishing on line is free-of-charge. Simply post your photos, complete a description that shows your enthusiasm and you will already have fans of authenticity waiting for you with bated breath to get away from it all!


Think O Local is a community platform that aims to boost cultural exchanges between people, who are passionate about their region or activity, with people in search of a different way of travelling, off the beaten track.


Set your own prices and conditions. Comprehensive assistance is available when you register to help you every step of the way. Enjoy your guests’ smiles whilst getting paid for it.

Become a Local Leader in just a few clicks

Go to www.thinkolocal.com/inscriptionlocalleader and start your registration. First step, create your profile, so you can introduce yourself and your activity.

The Think O Local team will confirm your registration and request additional identification details to finalise your registration, as well as to secure transactions on the platform.

Publish your activities online free-of-charge. Your activity has now been saved, it will be activated within 24 – 72 hours if it meets all the criteria.

You will be able to access your dashboard with activity lists, a booking calendar, as well as your turnover in your own personalised account.

Go to the FAQ page for more details about these steps.

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