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Privacy & Cookies Policy


1. Privacy policy

1.1 Generalities

The company Authentic Local Travel SAS, with its Head Office located at 5 Grand rue 57100 in Manom – France, is responsible for data processing, protection and respect for your privacy.

Please read this privacy policy carefully, it contains important information to inform you about our practices for collecting, using and sharing data that you may provide to us through our site https://thinkolocal.com.

1.2 Data collected 

By using the Think O Local platform, we may collect data that may be considered to be of a personal nature and which is processed in a specific manner.

This data may be transmitted directly, when you register on the platform, when you contact us by email or indirectly when you use the Think O Local platform.

Some data is essential, if you wish to access services provided by the platform. Inter alia, your surname, first name, postal address, email address, date of birth; gender, telephone number and password are required when you create a regulated activity. 

We are required to request a copy of your ID documentation (passport, ID card) or any other similar document (Trade and Companies Register documentation, authorisation etc.) that you will have agreed to provide, we will also be required to request information about specific insurances you have subscribed, or certification to conduct a regulated activity.

When you create an account to provide an activity on the platform, you will be required to provide your bank details, a photograph and a brief biography about yourself to identify yourself, as well as photos describing your activity and location.

We will collect all email exchanges that you may have with us via the platform, as well as exchanges with customers who have booked one of your activities.

Data about validated bookings and your activity on the Think O Local platform will be collected.

Customer reviews on the Think O Local platform that have taken part in one of your activities, the rates and response time to messages will also be collected.

When you wish to book an activity, you must create an account with your surname and first name, email address and password. You must be particularly careful about creating a sufficiently complex code, in order to prevent your account from being misused and keep your password secret and not share it with third parties.

Your card payment details are not kept by the Think O Local platform. Think O Local uses the Stripe payment solution, which is an online integrated payment platform. https://stripe.com/privacy-shield-policy

Registration date on the platform, information about visits to the platform and content visited are collected.

Data about financial or accounting operations carried out on the platform is collected.

We also collect data, if we are notified of problems using the platform.

When you connect to Think O Local using social media, Think O Local may collect your personal details, such as your surname, first name, photo, email address from this social media account.

1.3 Duration of data storage

As a principle, your personal data is kept for 5 years after the last time you accessed the platform, if you have not closed your account.

If you have closed your account, your personal data will be kept for a year from the date of closure, unless you have been reported, in this case this may be extended for an extra year.

Some data may be kept for longer, when this is required by law or when your account has been suspended or blocked.

Financial data is kept according to the duration required by applicable tax and accounting regulations.

Content generated by platform users, such as reviews, remarks or marks remain visible but will have been anonymised after the detention period.

1.4 Use of collected data

Collected data is used for accessing services on the platform, and in particular, to receive payments and transfer sums of money collected on your account, to send you information about our services, to keep you informed about changes and new services provided on the platform. To allow you to communicate with other platform members, to offer your activities to platform members, to inform you about our respective legal requirements, to check information communicated by yourself, to improve and optimise services provided, and lastly to ensure secure use of the platform that complies with applicable laws and regulations for the good of all its users.

1.5 Communication of collected data

We will not share your personal data with other entities or third-party companies for advertising purposes.

We are very strict about how we divulge your personal data and will only do so if our partners need this information to provide the services on the platform.

You may be required to give your personal data when you connect to the platform via social media or when you subscribe for additional services with a partner service provider.

When we are obliged by law to divulge your personal data or when we deem it necessary to divulge this data to third parties in all good faith according to a precise legal framework.

All your personal data is kept within the European Union, it therefore benefits from a legal framework, which guarantees a high level of protection of your private life and basic human rights.

1.6 Rights regarding your personal data

As a user of the Think O Local platform, you are entitled to access and obtain a copy of your personal data, as well as to amend and delete it.

You can access, amend, or delete your account at any time, or request to amend or delete your account.

1.7 Changes to the privacy policy

The privacy policy may change or be changed, inter alia when required by applicable laws and regulations or when changes to the platform may affect the use of our users’ personal data.

Our users will be notified of any changes and we will pay particular attention to the fact that these changes are accepted for continued use of the platform.

1.8 Contact

For any questions about the protection of your personal data, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the following address: Authentic Local Travel SAS – Data Protection Officer – 5 Grand rue 57100 Manom France.

2. Cookies Policy

Cookie(s) may be installed on the user’s computer when they browse the Think O Local website. They save information about website navigation. The collected data optimises browsing on the website at a later date, and also enables various website traffic statistics. Refusing to install a cookie may in some cases mean that some services cannot be accessed. However, users may configurate their computers to refuse the installation of cookies.

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